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A MacBook that shows the home page of Bärenmatte’s website

Bärenmatte is an award-winning event location in Suhr, Switzerland. Together with my partners, I created a new web experience to increase user engagement and grow the conversion of booking inquiries by better understanding the users’ needs.

Lead Art Direction, UX-Design, UI-Design, Development
Basel West, Herr Bürli, Dimando
February 2019


The main issue we uncovered in the discovery phase was the alarmingly high bounce rate and low user engagement. A great number of visitors were leaving the website at first sight and within a few seconds. It was unable to keep the users’ attention due to irrelevant content, poor design, and technical constraints. If we wanted to see growth in user engagement and booking inquiries, we had to understand the users’ needs and deliver an experience that converts.


To solve this challenge, we first had to study the users’ journey through the website to better understand their needs. We found that we needed to drastically change the information architecture and content of the website while introducing an overhauled user experience and interface design that is dead simple and easy to follow.


By incorporating our findings of the users’ behavior into the new web experience, we were able to achieve an astounding growth of 157 % in page visits and 55 % in time spent on the website. We are also registering a pleasant boom in booking inquiries through the inquiry form, phone, and email. We successfully overcame the challenge of lowering the bounce rate, increasing user engagement, and growing booking inquiries.

A portrait of Urs Bachmann

Our new website has made a tangible impact on our business. We are seeing an impressive increase in booking inquiries through the website as well as phone calls and emails. We are very happy with the results.

Urs Bachmann CEO of Bärenmatte

iPhone screenshot that shows the home page with the fixed consultation button
iPhone screenshot that shows the scrolled rooms page with the fixed consultation button
Desktop screenshot that shows the inquiry form

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